Building a simple logical framework. How did Logframe Lab come to be?

As an former employee turned consultant and founder of Arqaam, I have been working in international development as a Monitoring and Evaluation expert for over a decade now. During the first five years, I worked on the ground in Kenya and Afghanistan directly implementing projects. Through this experience I saw how things could theoretically be done more smoothly if existing systems were updated and a new approach was considered. However, the general IT knowledge varied significantly, from country to country and organisation to organisation, making it very hard to introduce any system based on more than basic IT skills.

While back then I saw how things could be better if computers would have been used more efficiently, we never had the money (as all funds were restricted) or the time to actually work on this. It became frustrating at times, knowing how easy it would be to make improvements, but often people were resistant to change a “running system”, no matter how old the technology was and how much easier things would become.

When I founded Arqaam in 2017, one of the wishes I had from the beginning was to fix some of these problems I had encountered while directly implementing myself, but also those that I would see being an M&E consultant.

Arqaam started by offering M&E services pro bono for small grassroot level organisations a while ago, and now the next step is in place. Making enough profit to pay developers, Arqaam started to develop the idea of Logframe Lab.

Having seen countless logical frameworks over the years, I realised that they are not used to their full potential. Many projects and efforts go into standardised indicators but none of them help you select the right indicators for your project. This is a gap I wanted to close. Using the already standardised indicators, from previous people’s efforts, while making it easier to select them using machine learning.

The team at Arqaam used these one-of-a-kind machine learning models to develop Logframe Lab, with the goal of helping everyone develop logframes more simply and efficiently.

Head over and check it out!

Arqaam provides contextually informed and ethical analysis that reimagines the possibility and opportunity for effective social change and inspires action.

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